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The new gas-fed replica model was produced under the FN license. The real model, the .45 ACP pistol is powered by a 15-cartridge charger. It was based on the FNP-45 tactical design, specifically designed for the Combat Pistol Joint program. His goal was to create a new gun for American troops.

As far as the basic project is concerned, minor changes have been introduced, but they have led to greater ergonomics. The sleeve has been redesigned so that the external pipe rests lower. Because of this, the shooter can better control the kickback. The pistol comes with four interchangeable rear grip panels. This allows the user to adjust adhesion to his own anatomy to a limited extent. Another small change is the aggressive texture of a crocus, causing the gun to be firmly in the hands.

Returning to the replica, it is made in the GBB standard, and its dimensions are as close as possible to a true firearm. The total length is 220 mm (218 mm original), the inner tube measures 113 mm and the weight is 830 g (940 g in original). The charger has a capacity of 29 balls.

Other Characteristics:

- Optionally compatible with Micro Pro 1732: The slide is specially designed for mounting the sights (sold separately). It can be attached directly by removing the cover behind the sleeve.

- Optional Shock Absorber: By removing the tube protector, a damping tactic can be installed.

- The ambidextrous safety and disarmament system

- Device for mounting different devices: flashlight or laser.

Capacita  caricatore (pallini)29+1
Energia (0,20 g) (Jouli)0.83
Lunghezza (mm)220
Lunghezza della canna (mm)113
Peso (g)830
Velocità iniziale della palla (0,20 g) (m/s)91

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