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Born in former Czechoslovakia, the world's highest combat pistol!

  • - No power source required: A handy air cocking model that prepares to launch each shot manually. 
  • Just pull the slide and you're ready to fire, then just pull the trigger to fire a BB bullet.
  • - High-grade type: A model that incorporates the special features of a "high-grade" such as the realistic appearance and surface finish, and the movement of the hammer according to the movement of the slide and trigger.
  • - Hop-up system: By giving rotation to the bullet, it is equipped with a hop-up system that can fly BB bullets to a distance with less power.
  • - Equipped with safety: When the safety is applied with the lever on the left side of the main unit, the trigger cannot be pulled and accidental fire is prevented.
  • - Full-size magazine: A large-capacity, realistic magazine is included with 25 rounds.
  • Full length: 260 mm
  • Calibre: 6.08 mm
  • Power source: Manual
  • Number of shots: 25 BB's
  • Type name: Cz75 First Model
  • Material: Plastic ABS
  • Package contents:
  • Cz75 body, magazine (25 bullets), protective cap, instruction manual, BB bullets (0.25g/150 bullets), etc.

    Package size:
    290 horizontal x 180 vertical x 50 mm thick

Calibrul tevii (mm)6.08
Capacitate incarcator (bile)25
Energie (0,20g) (Jouli)0.45
Greutate (g)520
Latime (mm)
Lungime (mm)200
Lungimea tevii (mm)
MaterialPlastic ABS
Viteza initiala a bilei (0,20 g) (m/s)67

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Suntem aici din 2003.

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