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Brand: KSC Product Code: 1415
329.76 EUR
Choose quantity: Temporarily unavailable
Other important information: the gun is fitted with 20mm rails on the top and sides, facilitating the mounting of optics. Thanks to the telescopic stock and frontal handle (back-folding), the shooter has more control over the gun, the framing of the target being done faster and more accurately. Thanks to the compact shape of the telescopic stock, the gun can be easily operated both as a primary and secondary gun. The charging handle is functional. The fire selector is easily accessible. The flash hider, RIS rails, flip-up sights, magazine release button, fire selector, magazines and trigger are metallic. The body, handle the the end of the stock are made of ABS plastic. The package contains: gun MP7, 2 magazines, a bag of about 100 BB's, key for hop-up adjustment and instructions manual. We recommend using BB's of 0,20g and 0,23g and gas 144A (code: A2 / A21)!
Specifications:   MP7 - GBB
Hop-Up reglabil
Capacity Charger 45 bile
Weight 2112 g
Length 385 / 595 mm
Width - mm
Pipe length 153 mm
Pipe Size 6,08 mm
Initial velocity of the ball (0.20 g) - GAZ Ultrair (Code: 14571) 104 m/s
Initial velocity of the ball (0.20 g) - GAZ Predator (cod, A1) 101 m/s
Energy (0.20 g) - GAZ Ultrair (Code: 14571) 1,08 Jouli
Energy (0.20 g) - GAZ Predator (code: A1) 1,02 Jouli
Material used outdoors plastic ABS

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