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Brand: CYBER GUN Product Code: 180996
249.68 EUR
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COLT M4A1 RIS A carefully and precisely made replica of the M4A1 assault rifle replica which bears the markings of the Colt company which match the original ones ( despite the caliber markings ). Thanks to the fact that the replica was made on the license of the real firearm’s manufacturer, the replica does not visually differ from the original.

The replica’s body, the stock’s pipe, the outer barrel, the RIS rail set and almost every minor elements are made of a homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminum. The pistol grip and the stock were made of plastic material which is reinforced by nylon fiber. The set includes a Hi-Capa type magazine which holds 350 BB's that allows to shoot for a longer period of time. The replica uses a stock that is adjustable in five positions and it also uses a battery case in the shape of the laser target marker.

The replica is equipped with a RIS rail set – they are located in the front, in the place of the standard front-grip and also on the top of the replica, under the carrying handle. The carrying handle may be detached, allowing the mounting of an optical scope in its place. Similarly, the front-grip allows to attach different equipment – starting with a tactical flashlight, through a laser target marker and ending with a tactical vertical grip.

The replica is fully compatible with the Marui standard what guarantees easy access to tune up and spare parts. The metal gearbox is equipped with steel bearings.

The replica’s muzzle velocity is about 360 FPS which makes it a perfect tool to operate on close and middle distances and also in the CQB type skirmishes – in this case the replica’s dimensions and compact built is very important.

The set includes:

- the carbine replica,
- a magazine,
- a carrying handle,
- a dummy laser target marker,
Specifications:   COLT M4A1 RIS
Hop-Up reglabil
Capacity Charger 300 bile
Weight 2510 g
Length 780/860 mm
Pipe length 368 mm
Pipe Size 6,08 mm
Initial velocity of the ball (0.20 g) 125 (lotul verificat) m/s
Energy (0.20 g) 1,56 Jouli
Material used outdoors metal + plastic ABS
Battery Type / jack mini type
Shooting cadence 8.4 V - bile / min.
  • 2012-07-16

    F faina!!
  • 2012-07-16

    O arma excelenta! Am luat-o cu mine la iesirea din weekend si pot sa spun ca sunt impresionat de calitatea constructiei.
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