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5th edition of the Iasi Airsoft Contest ›› VIEW VIDEO is the first romanian website dedicated to AIRSOFT passionates


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The OVERLOAD DRAWING OF LOTS WINNERS!, official sponsor of the OVERLOAD airsoft event in collaboration with OVERLOAD Crew prepared you a surprise. After the event closing, a drawing of lots took place at the headquarter. The winners have been selected by drawing out 10 series of bracelets.
We ask the lucky winners to contact the team in order to receive the prize.

Marcu Stelian/Mas (Independent Craiova) - SIG SAUER P229 FULL METAL
Szabo Vincze/Mass Effect (Bodyguard Airsoft) - 110 BB'S AK MAGAZINE
Radu Iovanel/Snapshot (Airsoft Craiova) - 110 BB'S AK MAGAZINE
Moruz Marius/Crazy Bullet (CSABv) - SIG SAUER P226 - METAL SLIDE - SPRING
Vlad Chirila/Cvlad (AA Team) - TAURUS PT92 METAL SLIDE (H.P.A)
Pop Sergiu/BadRomanian (Sektion 9) €“ FENIX E11 XP-E €“ SILVER FLASHLIGHT
Dolha Sebastian/Sebi_BNC (Meerkats) - FENIX E01 €“ OLIV FLASHLIGHT
Patrulescu Vlad/4Lik (WTF 360) €“ PREWASHED RIPSTOP JAKET (OLIV)
Scoban Ciprian/The Killer (Independent Bucuresti) €“ FENIX T-SHIRT
Petromaneantu Eugen/Genu69 (Airsoft Club Timisoara) €“ FENIX T-SHIRT

Preorder now the M870 Breacher!

Tokyo Marui strikes again! A great rifle that will give you the pleasure of playing with a shotgun without being in inferiority on the playing field. The replicated version by Tokyo Marui, M870 Breacher is a relatively short version of the model M870. Barrel length 515 mm. Through its technical and design features, it will help you improve your skills and become a better player. Gas tank placed at the bottom of the handle which will give you quick access without wasting much time recharging. With one gas refill you can shoot about 50 shots. Depending on your needs regarding precision and range you can choose the shooting mode from 3-6 shots at a time. Both foregrip and grip can be replaced with real steel parts.
Equipped with a dual hop-up sytem to offer accuracy to all the BB's either you shoot 3 or 6 BB's.
Magazine/ cartridge capacity 30 bb's.
Top rail allows you to attach a dot sight, flashlight and so on and the foregrip tactical design will help you arm the gun quickly without risking your hand to slip.
And if all these features have convinced you also add the attention to details and quality offered only by Tokyo Marui.
Preorder now! Only on Events
Airsoft competition, target range, Hala Centrala, Iasi! (2014-08-27)
Airsoft competition, target range, Hala Centrala, Iasi!
We've reopened the ... present at the airsoft event "La Revolucion 4" (2014-08-28) was present with a presentation and sales stand at the airsoft event "La Revolucion 4". ... Open House, third edition, 14.06.14. (2014-06-17)
The Third Edition of the Open House event has ended. It was a real pleasure seeing again ...
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